Our clinic is an accredited ophthalmology referral center for the whole Czech Republic. A substantial part of the ophthalmic examinations is a prophylactic screening of young pure breed dogs and mature breeding dogs for genetic eye diseases with certificate. The most frequent surgical procedures on the eye conducted in our clinic are eyelid surgery and correction, transpositions of the parotic duct for treatment of keratitis sicca, intraocular surgery including lens extractions using phacoemulsification with IOL implantation, extracapsular extraction of luxated lens, and treatment of corneal defects by using conjunctival flaps, adnexa surgery, oncology cases, glaucoma treatment and glaucoma surgery. The great numbers of referral patients gives us a unique opportunity to collect large amounts of historical data and experience.

Eye examination
Schirmer tear test
Fluorescein test
Examination in topical anesthesia (nasolacrimal duct transduction)
Slit lamp
Direct and indirect ophthalmology
Certified HED examination
ERG (electroretinography) measures the electrical potential/activity and function of the retina

Eye surgery

Extraocular surgery:
Surgery of adnexa – eyelid surgery and correction,
Parotid duct transposition
Conjunctival surgery including dermoids, lacrimal system
Corneal surgery including ulcer surgery with flaps, A Cells, CCXL and many more

Intraocular surgery:
Cataract surgery using phacoemulsification including IOL implantation
Oncology cases treated by laser
Extracapsular lens extraction and lens instability
Glaucoma surgery
Eye laser surgery
Surgery of equine recurrent uveitis

Slit lamp examination Direct and indirect ophthalmology Intraocular pressure measuring Schirmer tear test